Scooter the Siamese Cat Is 20 Years Old

Scooter the Siamese Cat with Ann on his 20th birthday

April 10 was Scooter’s 20th Birthday — that’s 100 in Cat Years.

For his birthday, he received fresh catnip, several brushings, and escorted outings whenever he wanted.

Pictures of Scooter on his birthday

Getting Scratched

Scooter’s birthday naturally raises the question: How would it feel to be 100 years old?

In many ways, I want to be like Scooter when I’m 100 years old…

When I’m 100, I hope I can run up two flights of stairs at 2:30am and howl.

When I’m 100, I hope that I can walk over a deep ravine on a narrow log without falling in.

When I’m 100, I hope that I have a "Watcher" to look out for me when I’m out in the world.

When I’m 100, I hope I have warm, loving bedmates to snuggle with.

When I’m 100, I hope I can run faster than any human in the neighborhood.

When I’m 100, I hope I’m as thin and flexible as Scooter (he can lick the middle of his back).

When I’m 100, I hope I can remember my old friend Scooter.

May 5, 2002

Scooter the Siamese Cat getting scratched on his 20th birthday

2 thoughts on “Scooter the Siamese Cat Is 20 Years Old”

  1. My mother had a striped siamese name Tiger that lived to be 22. We don’t know where the stripes originated from but the mother also had them. They were very vague but looked very cool.

    Her vet brought her the ashes and also a plaque stating his age when he passed a few years ago. My mother had the same the vet from day one and everything was documented.

    I am in my mid 50s and own my very 1st cat. She came in my home one day when it was a kitten and made herself at home. She decided to stay. She is black and been with me two years. Personality plus. Her name is Skit because one day she was out of food and I bought a can of food name Special Kitty at the corner store until I had time to get something better. On the receipt to the left of the price was Skit, short for Special Kitty. It stuck.

    Touching story, I know just how ya feel.

  2. What an absolutely beautiful cat! My Siamese is now 20 and looks kinda old and thin. She has some tumors and missing teeth. I hope that she passes peacefully when the time comes.
    How long did your cat live to? What was it like in the end?

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