Zeus Visits

Yesterday I was working in my office when the doorbell rang three times in quick succession. It’s a signal from Ann that she needs my help in a hurry. I trotted to the garage and got a big surprise.

Ann was in the garage hanging onto the collar of an 80 lb Great Pyrenees dog. This dog (his name is Zeus) was trying to couple with a larger female dog and Ann was trying to keep them separated. The female dog looked like a wolf! Our garage is full of the usual stuff, so there isn’t a lot of room for two big dogs that are engaged in frisky foreplay. Ann had her hands full.

Ann asked me to hold Zeus by the collar and to read the phone number from the tag on his collar to her so she could call the owner. Zeus was not a stranger ? he had visited our home several weeks ago. Ann had called his home to come get him. They told her he is an escape artist who takes advantage of any opportunity to go on an adventure.

I held Zeus by his collar and tried to read the phone numbers on his tag. The she-wolf kept coming into the garage, disrupting my progress ? Zeus would jump up and try to mount her. Reading the small print on his collar tag while he was so excited was a challenge. After about ten minutes of chaos, I finally was able to decipher the small print into a viable phone number. Ann called the number and got Zeus? owner, who said he would drive over immediately.

Ann left Zeus and me in the garage. Zeus was cooperative given the circumstances ? he would lie down when I tapped on the floor. But the she-wolf kept coming back into the garage and Zeus would jump to his feet again. We finally got the she-wolf to stay out of the garage and I pushed the buttons to close the garage doors. I stayed with Zeus, scratching his ears and telling him what a good dog he is. He was very sweet and affectionate. After about 10 minutes Zeus? ?master? arrived. He thanked us and put Zeus in the front seat of his SUV.

I told him Zeus had been well-behaved and friendly. He said Zeus is very smart, if fact smarter than his two teenage sons. He said one of his boys had left the front door barely open, which Zeus opened and escaped to the current adventure. He and Zeus drove away, leaving the she-wolf looking jilted and lost. She wouldn’t let us close enough to check her collar for identification. She hung around for a few minutes and then left.