Coyote Sighting on Jefferson Township Parkway

Today (9/7/2003) I was riding my mountain bike in a neighborhood on the side of Sweat Mountain (between Roswell and Woodstock) when a coyote crossed the street in front of me. I had just made the loop at the end of Jefferson Township Parkway and was heading back towards Sandy Plains Road.

There are several rolling hills at the bottom of Sweat Mountain. I topped the hill at Township Ct and was cruising down the other side when I heard running in the leaves to my left. The big, sleek coyote came out of the woods and loped across the road to my right, about 60 feet in front of me. A handsome animal, he looked well fed and in the prime of life.

The forests on Little Sweat Mountain, just to the northwest of Sweat Mountain, are being clearcut for a new development. (We fought it but the developers prevailed.) We’ve got deer grazing in our neighborhood now — we live about 4 miles from Little Sweat Mountain. Deer and coyotes are trying to adapt to loss of habitat by moving into neighborhoods. It will be an uneasy adjustment for the critters and the neighborhoods.