The Lonely Cat Blues

Ann left on a trip this afternoon. She tried to hide the packing of her luggage as long as possible, but Scooter spotted it and began to get depressed. Luggage means he?s soon going to be left alone for long days and nights, with only the occasional visit by the cat sitter to interrupt his troubled sleep and lonesome howling. When we return from trips, Scooter is hoarse from pouring out his sadness to the sky. Even though I didn?t go on the trip, Scooter was listless for many hours.

Cleveland Amory, in his must-read book for the cat person The Cat and the Curmudgeon, describes how he and his famous white cat Polar Bear go on a trip.

When I am going away I always take care not to pack the night before and let Polar Bear see the suitcase and therefore give him less time to be, as he always is, when he sees it, first cross, then mad, and finally furious. Even if he is going with me I do this, because, unlike some of the more fortunate members of the cat-owned fraternity, I am not at liberty to bring out his carrier and show him he is going, too ? for the simple reason that wherever I am going is not going to be where he wants to go, for the even simpler reason that he never wants to go anywhere.

So, as usual, quickly and invariably forgetting something, I packed the very morning of our trip, coaxed Polar Bear with a grip of iron into the carrier, and took off for the airport. To say he was better than on previous trips would not be true. Neither would it be true to say he was worse. He seemed worse, but that was only because I had purposely put out of my mind how bad he had always been before.