Help for the Hurricane Victims

Yesterday Ann and I drove down I-85 from Greensboro, NC, to Atlanta. During the trip we passed several large convoys of electric utility vechicles. They had been in the areas hit by hurricane Isabel, helping the local power companies get everyone back online with electricity. I saw trucks from Georgia Power, Pike Electrical, and Sumter Power.

It was inspiring to see the hundreds of vehicles and thousands of people who had been away from home for about two weeks, helping restore electrical service to the millions who were down and out. And this was just a small slice of time on one interstate highway. I imagine that interstate highways in all directions out of Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina had a similar migration. I hope this means that everyone has their power now.

My sister Joyce and her family were without electricity for 9 days. Their cabin on the Tappahannock River lost its pier and sea wall. Isabel was very strong and destructive.