A Review of the Book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

Below are some excerpts from a review by Reason Wilken of the book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. I’ve read the book and it is troubling if you care about the earth.

Frankly, it is quite depressing to know that as you are just going about your life on this earth you are destroying it in the process.

Gradually, our culture is beginning to realize that we are flawed in some ways and we cannot sustain our current drain on natural resources indefinitely.

Through explaining human cultural evolution in the context of the rest of the community of life, Ishmael shows us how man fits in and motivates us to work with the rest of the species for the greater good. He explains that we do not have to become a hunter-gatherer society in order to live like we “belong to the world” (as opposed to living like the world belongs to us).

The last point summarizes the book’s thesis: we (humankind) need to live like we belong to the earth rather than acting like the earth belongs to us.