Scooter the Cat Is 22 Years Old!

Scooter the Siamese Cat celebrated his 22nd birthday yesterday, April 10. This makes him about 110 years old in cat years. On his birthday, he enjoyed many servings of deli turkey, several brushings, and was allowed out (with escort) whenever he asked. He also dumped a bunch of chiggers on me.

(Twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, Scooter picks up a dozen or two chiggers on an outing in the woods. They transfer to me during the night when Scooter sleeps against me. I only got about 8 chigger bites this year, a mild year. Several years ago I was feeding about 40 chiggers on my legs – and it feels soooooo good to scratch them.)

The photo below shows one of Scooter’s secrets to longevity.

So you won’t think Scooter sleeps all the time, he shows some of his spin moves in the video link below. (This video also demonstrates two other talents, yowling and waking up sleepers – Ann was asleep in the other room.)

Click here for Scooter Video (If the video is very small on your screen, click on the arrows on the right near the bottom of the video window.)