BusinessWeek on America’s Leadership

Here’s the last paragraph of the BusinessWeek Editorial for the May 24, 2004 Issue:

The fiercest anti-American backlash in history may well be under way. The policy of unilateral preemption and its inept execution has, in the end, made the U.S. less secure. The barbaric beheading of Nicholas Berg is a grim reminder that America faces a long war against a savage enemy. It must regain the respect of those it needs to win that war. To do that, America needs to change its rules of engagement not only in Iraq but in the world at large. A nation that relies on its global ties for economic growth, on immigration for its dynamism, and on foreign capital for its finances cannot long ignore virulent anti-Americanism before facing dire consequences. Restoring America’s respect in Iraq is but the first step in restoring America’s leadership and moral authority around the world.

Link BW Online | May 24, 2004 | Iraq: How To Repair America’s Moral Authority