Alert: Cat Trespassing

I just saw a large gray cat walking across our back yard heading east. (Since Scooter the Siamese cat is too old (in our opinion) to defend his turf, I try to help him out. He gets really angry when another cat enters and marks his territory. If Scooter senses a cat on his turf at night, he can really create a ruckus, howling to get out and vanquish the trespasser. Not good for our sleep….)

So I went out the front door, ran around the west side of the house, and ran across the back yard. The gray cat is walking straight away from me — he could not hear me running up behind him because some strong winds are blowing through the trees, making a lot of white noise.

When I closed within 10 feet of the unwelcome feline, I let out my fiercest roar. The cat accelerated from zero to thirty in a flash and bounded into the woods.

When he was about 50 yards into the woods, he stopped to see what demon had almost snatched him.

I got a good laugh out of it. 🙂 And maybe Scooter’s territory will be off limits to that cat for a while.