Hampstead Place Renamed to Myers Place

I wrote a letter (below) that was published on March 28, 2004, in the Martinsville Bulletin, the newspaper in my home town. (They edited out several sentences from the original letter because they do not publish letters of gratitude.)

In 1962, my parents, Tommy and Ruth Myers, found their dream home at 2 Hampstead Place in the Druid Hills area and purchased it from the Bill Franck family. It was located in a beautiful setting — in the city but surrounded by a forest. Martinsville was a wonderful place to grow up in the 1960s, friendly, safe, and innocent. In the 1970s, my sisters and I moved away to live in distant cities but we always came back to the home where we grew up for Christmas.

In 1997 my mother lost her battle with cancer. Six months later my father sold the family home to Jay Frith and moved to Kings Grant. It was a sad time for my sisters and me when we came back to Hampstead Place to pack up among all those memories in a house that seemed empty and sad without my mother¹s warmth and love.

In September 2003 my father passed away at the age of 86. Two months later I learned that the Martinsville City Council had approved a request to rename Hampstead Place to Myers Place. I was totally surprised and overjoyed.

The Martinsville City Council warmed the hearts and friends of Tommy and Ruth Myers with that vote. Charles White, who has lived in the woods on Hampstead Place for many years and knows what a special place it is, also supported the request.

However, one person deserves most of the credit for this act of pure kindness. Jay Frith had the idea, gathered the support, made the request before City Council and followed through until a new street sign was installed.

Whenever I need a positive thought to chase away the sad and tragic news that is so prevalent in the world today, I remember what Jay did to honor my parents.


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