I had a hole-in-one yesterday

I had a hole-in-one yesterday on the fifth hole at Cobblestone Golf Club. I hit a high pitching wedge on the 120 yard hole that disappeared behind the sand trap guarding the left side of the green. The hole was not visible from the tee, so we didn’t know it was in until we walked onto the green. Often I’ve expected a ball to be near the hole on a blind hole and it is over the green. In this case, I saw the ball mark about a foot in front on the hole and I knew it was in.

I was playing with Art Meyer (of Art’s Wallow fame), Bill Locke, and Dan Summerlin. The adrenalin rush hurt my game — I double-bogeyed the next two holes! Prior to the hole-in-one, I was in the zone with my pitching wedge. On the third hole, a par three that was also about 120 yards long, I hit it three feet behind the hole — and missed the putt! On the fourth hole, a short par 4 with a very intimidating, small peninsula green that drops straight down into Lake Ackworth, I hit the pitching wedge from 115 yards to about ten feet and made the putt. Then the hole-in-one. My pitching wedge was hot!

I didn’t take advantage of the three under on two holes with my scoring. I shot 78 for the day, missing a number of short putts and losing three drives. But Cobblestone is a tricky course and it was the first time I had every played it.

It was my third hole-in-one. I had my first at age 15 at hole 17 at Chatmoss CC, witnessed by Chip Hairston and Ben Lewis. My second was in 1994 at Settindown Creek Golf Club, hole seven, witnessed by Ann.

Cobblestone is a good test of golf and very scenic — I recommend it highly.

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  1. Cool! Congrats!
    Was in Martinsville last week for my mom’s 85th birthday. Thought about you as I drove down “Riverhill”. Had to go by Frith’s for a couple slawdogs – of course!
    Take care.

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