Switching Momentum

I experienced an interesting series of events while playing golf this week. On the third hole, I missed a three-foot birdie putt and went to the next hole angry with myself. Lots of negative thoughts were flooding my mind (how can I play good golf if I miss short birdie putts, I have to take advantage of great opportunities, etc.)

On the next hole (a par 4) I had hit two good shots and I was walking onto the green for a ten-foot birdie putt. I didn’t have a positive attitude about making a ten footer after just missing a three footer. As I walked onto the green, I looked into the deep bunker at the front of the green. Someone had walked into the trap, dug in, hit a shot, and walked out without raking the the trap. I found a rake and smoothed out the deep foot tracks left by the slacker. I felt good about fixing the trap and preventing someone from getting a terrible lie in the trap.

I made the birdie putt.

My next shot on the next hole was a hole-in-one.