Strange But True: Brad Hanson

Excerpts from a story in the May 23 Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Two men named Brad Hanson who both felt the death grip of chest pain the morning of April 13 and ended up in the emergency room of North Fulton Regional Hospital in Roswell.

Both Brads have wives named Vicki or Vickie; the Roswell wife spells her name with an e.

Both wives drive white Toyota Camrys.

The women’s cars were parked side by side in the hospital parking lot.

Both Brads were born in October, both Libras.

Both families have two daughters and one son from previous marriages.

One Hanson family has a dog named Ziggy; the other, a dog named Izzy.

And both Brads had two cockatiel birds. And now both have only one because one bird died last year in each Hanson household.

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