New Sources of Energy: Tidal flow to power New York City

This looks good: using the natural flow of a tidal river to generate power. My concerns are: Will ship hulls miss the turbines? and, How secure are the electrical cables?

Come September, the fishy inhabitants of New York’s East River will acquire some sleek new neighbors.

Verdant Power, an energy company based in Arlington, Virginia, plans to plunge six electricity turbines into the East River. If the $4.5-million project is successful, the generators will form the first farm of tide-powered turbines in the world.

The plan is to attach the machines, which look like small wind turbines, to concrete piles hammered into the bedrock nine metres below the river’s surface. As the tide surges in and out, the heads pivot to face the current and the blades spin.

The project is a modest one in electricity terms: the suite of turbines will generate just 200 kilowatts of power at their peak, enough to power perhaps 200 houses. Initially, the energy will be used to run some lights and machinery in a local supermarket and parking garage, avoiding the expense of transmission cables.

Link – Tidal flow to power New York City

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