A Maple in Fall

JapMapleThe Japanese Maple on the west side of our home still had its leaves on November 21 when I took this photo. I remember digging the hole to plant it. The Georgia clay was dense and there were a lot of roots making the task difficult. It was about 3 feet tall when we planted it in late April 1996. We received the little tree as a wedding gift from Chet and Abby.

The young maple didn’t grow much in the first three years — we were concerned that it wasn’t getting enough sunlight because it is surrounded by large trees. But it was establishing a strong root system — now this tree is 15 feet tall! (Lots of lessons there.) This gift could last for many decades, sharing clean air and seasonal colors with its appreciative human neighbors.

One thought on “A Maple in Fall”

  1. Well, here I sit on Thanksgiving evening, the dogs have been patted and crated to their favorite music and I wonder into the computer room to check out my e-mail activity to find that a special friend had written about Chet and I and the maple tree.
    How cool is that! A perfect gift to a day of cooking and cleaning and sharing wonderful time with my guys, Chet and Greg and the favorite dogs.
    Thank you for the gift of picture and words. We hope that you and Ann have the maple tree for many terrific years to come! Love, Abby and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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