Celebrities Share Solar Energy

From the Treehugger blog:

Sitting on the Board of Directors for Friends of the High Line wasn’t enough for Edward Norton. He’s also spreading his greenness to the other coast with a plan that lets celebrities help low-income families in Southern California get cheap solar power for their homes. Norton, a Trustee of the Enterprise Foundation since 2000, negotiated with that organization, BP , and the Environmental Media Association to create the BP Solar Neighbors Program. For each celebrity who has a solar system installed in their own home under the plan, BP donates a system to a low-income family. This can save them around $1000 on electricity each year.

He concocted the idea when he had his own solar panels put in, and now Pierce Brosnan, Daryl Hannah, Danny DeVito and Rhea Pearlman, and Larry Hagman are amongst those who have jumped on board. Eleven families qualified for the program last year, and higher numbers are expected for 2004. It’s not just celebrities that can help out, either. BP donates $100 each time anyone buys a solar system after signing up through their hotline.

Link: Treehugger: Ed Norton, BP Solar and the High Line.