Wild Turkeys Visit

Ann was taking Scooter out the front door when she ran back inside and yelled "Turkeys in the driveway." I grabbed the digital camera, turned it on, and ran downstairs to give it to her. Then I went to the kitchen to look out through the garage to see the turkeys.


Three wild turkeys, two hens and a gobbler, were in our driveway just outside the garage. The gobbler was strutting and keeping an eye out for danger.

Then the scene turned into a Three Stooges movie. Ann yelled that the batteries in the digital camera were dead. I ran to the front door, got the camera, and ran upstairs to my office where the charger is located. I opened the camera, pulled the four batteries out, opened the battery charger, extracted each of the four batteries, and loaded them into the camera. When I stood up, the strap on the camera hooked around a drawer knob and jerked the camera out my hands. It fell on the floor, dumping the four batteries onto the floor. I growled some ugly expletives, put the batteries back in the camera, locked the batteries into the camera, and ran downstairs. I gave the camera to Ann and went to the kitchen to watch.

About 30 seconds later, the gobbler took off, followed by one of the hens. The other hen ran up the driveway towards the street, then back down the driveway and took off.

Ann got one picture. 🙁