Airedale Dog versus Siamese Cat

Ann and I visited my sister Joyce and her family in Richmond, VA, at Christmas. On the day after Christmas, we went to Linda and Chuck’s home across the street. They have a Siamese cat named Grendel. Grendel is a handsome cat with brilliant blue eyes. But he didn’t have time to socialize.

Joyce’s Airedale Chelsea had followed us to the front porch. Grendel apparently doesn’t like dogs on his territory. Nose-to-nose, Grendel growled and yowled, and Chelsea barked and snapped. He and Chelsea were only an inch apart, separated by the glass in the storm door. Grendel couldn’t leave the battle for long, so we didn’t get to be friends.

I regret not having my digital camera along for pictures and a video of the action. Grendel must have the heart of a lion to be ready to tackle a dog that outweighs him by about 60 pounds. However, his vocal power and yowling volume fall far short of our Scooter cat, which is a blessing for Linda and Chuck (and their neighbors).