Ford’s Escape Hybrid

Kudos to Ford

The Ford Escape Hybrid is a whole new kind of SUV that combines electric and gasoline propulsion without compromise to provide breakthrough performance, efficiency, cleanliness and convenience.

The Escape Hybrid is the first vehicle to combine an advanced hybrid powertrain in a highly versatile sport-utility configuration. Conventional cars and trucks use a gasoline-fueled internal combustion engine to generate power. So does a hybrid vehicle. The twist is the hybrid’s second power channel, which comes from an integrated electric-drive system.

Hybrids combine the best of both worlds – the attributes of an advanced gasoline engine blended with the benefits inherent to electric power. Ford’s no-compromise approach means that the Escape Hybrid drives normally and performs superbly. It also offers all the features you’d expect: comfortable seating for five, cargo room that can be expanded from 27.6 cubic feet (behind the 2nd row seat) to a maximum of 65.5 (with the rear seat cushions removed) cubic feet and 1,000-pound towing capacity. Plus the optional Intelligent 4WD System offers the same all-weather traction and off-road capability available in traditional Escape models.

Link: Ford Vehicles: Environmental Initiatives