Forgiveness is freeing up and putting to better use the energy once consumed by holding grudges, harboring resentments, and nursing unhealed wounds. It is rediscovering the strengths we always had and relocating our limitless capacity to understand and accept other people and ourselves.

Sidney and Suzanne Simon

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Ike Turner sues over stolen Hendrix guitar

Jimi was 27 when he died in 1970. He would have been 16 in 1959. He toured with Ike Turner in the 1950’s?

Ike Turner sues over stolen Hendrix guitar

Big News Wednesday 15th December, 2004

Legendary rocker Ike Turner has lost two heirloom guitars, apparently to theft, Celebrity Justice reported Tuesday.

Turner, 73, was performing at an inner city Los Angeles nightclub two weeks ago when the two guitars went missing.

One of them used to belong to Jimi Hendrix, who had played in Ike’s band in the 1950s.

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Harvard: Six new sustainability principles adopted

The new Harvard University Sustainability Principles:

  • Demonstrating institutional practices that promote sustainability, including measures to increase efficiency and use of renewable resources and to decrease production of waste and hazardous materials, both in Harvard’s own operations and those of its suppliers
  • Promoting health, productivity, and safety of the University community through design and maintenance of the built environment
  • Enhancing the health of campus ecosystems and increasing the diversity of native species
  • Developing planning tools to enable comparative analysis of sustainability implications and to support long-term economic, environmental, and socially responsible decision-making
  • Encouraging environmental inquiry and institutional learning throughout the University community
  • Establishing indicators for sustainability that will enable monitoring, reporting, and continuous improvement.

Link: Harvard Gazette: Six new sustainability principles adopted.

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Five Best Ever Song Covers

The Top Five Best Ever Song Covers are:



3: MY WAY – SID VICIOUS, 1979, original – FRANK SINATRA, 1969 (after Paul Anka, 1969)

4: HALLELUJAH – JEFF BUCKLEY, 1993, original – LEONARD COHEN, 1984

5: RESPECT – ARETHA FRANKLIN, 1967, original – OTIS REDDING, 1965.

Music legend JIMI HENDRIX’s version of BOB DYLAN’s hit ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER has been named the best ever song cover.

Music critics at British newspaper the DAILY TELEGRAPH said the song qualified as the best reworking because it was well established by one Dylan and was then given a new lease of life by Hendrix.

Link: Jimi Hendrix: Jimi Hendrix Beats Elvis Presley For Award

The rise of the green building

Most people are not used to thinking of large buildings as vast, energy-guzzling machines. But that is what they are. In America, buildings account for 65% of electricity consumption, 36% of total energy use and 30% of greenhouse-gas emissions. So making buildings more energy-efficient could have a significant impact on energy policy, notes Rebecca Flora of the Green Building Alliance, a group that promotes sustainable architecture. That is a key goal of the “green architecture” movement, which is changing the way buildings are designed, built and run.

Proponents of green architecture argue that the approach has many benefits. In the case of a large office, for example, the combination of green design techniques and clever technology can not only reduce energy consumption and environmental impact, but also reduce running costs, create a more pleasant working environment, improve employees’ health and productivity, reduce legal liability, and boost property values and rental returns.

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A Return to the Age of Sail?

Wind power is not a new concept. Windmills have been around for centuries, and wind-powered sailboats have been around for even longer — since 3200 bce, or even earlier. The advent of engine-powered shipping relegated wind-powered boats to hobbyists, tourists and adventurers. But if the German company SkySails is right, we may soon see a return to shipping powered by the wind. The notion is straightforward: a large parasail-type kite on a tow cable can add significant power to a standard diesel engine ship when lofted to 500 meters or so in the air. How much power? SkySails claims that a cargo ship can increase speed for a given fuel consumption by at least 10%, and often more; conversely, a sail-enabled ship can run at its standard speed but cut fuel consumption by as much as one-half.Sail 

The technology is more efficient at capturing wind power than standard sails, takes up less shipboard space, and supposedly does not require additional crew. Navigational software linked to real-time weather data routes for optimal wind speed and travel time. The design has won a number of German innovation awards, but has not yet been field-tested in its full configuration (at least as far as I can tell); SkySails proposes that the design would work not just for commercial vessels, but for ships of all types.

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My CD Player Prefers Hendrix

Electricladyland_2 I have a Pioneer CD Player in my office that holds 300 CDs. I really like having all of my music collection available instantly.

Three weeks ago it quit working. So I hauled it down to the local electronics repair show. Needed a new motor, they said — $95 for parts and labor. Since the CD Player cost $250 new, I decided to repair it.

Ten days later I picked it up. It worked fine for two days — even sounded better, probably because the lens was cleaned.

But today it just says "No Disc" when I select a CD. Then it returns to disk 3, which is Electric Ladyland by Jimi Hendrix. Plays it fine.

I know Jimi continues to be widely appreciated, but this is surprising.