The ideal job

The passage below is from the Ripples weblog. I agree with David’s premise. In hindsight, I must have known this subconsciously, because it is the only explanation for my career path.

Employment today is temporary. Like it or not, you are an employee at will. You can be let go for cause or no cause. There is only one long-term solution.

Every job you take should be part of a plan to equip you for full self-employment at some later point in life.

When one is post-retirement age as I am, there are few positions available even for the most highly skilled professionals. The internet shakeup of 2001 spilled hundreds of thousands of experienced workers into the ranks of unemployed. Many of the over-fifty group are still looking for work. The only solution for most others was to work for themselves.

Pensions are a thing of the past and Social Security may be a mirage, but a skilled person with business acumen and a nest egg can always generate income. The ideal jobs are those that prepare you for long-term job security as your own boss.

Link: Ripples: The ideal job