Scoot Over

Scootersramp Scooter the Siamese Cat pulled off one of his most surprising stunts ever to disturb our much-needed sleep. To understand what happened, you’ll need some background.

Last year I built Scooter a ramp so he wouldn’t have to jump up onto our bed, where he sleeps night and day. Since he turned 20, his hind legs have lost much of their spring and power. He needs the ramp because sometimes his leap didn’t make it over the edge of the bed, which meant he’d have to grab some cover or sheet with his front claws. Occasionally, he’d fall back to the floor, scratching for balance. Not only did he risk hurting himself, it was a most unpleasant way for us to wake up in the middle of the night — and he always spit out some curse words in yowlese when it happened.

Scoot really likes his ramp (click here for video).

On Tuesday night, we were awakened by a flurry of rustling and scratching. Ann turned on a light and I got out of bed. Scooter was stuck, hanging from the end of the ramp by his front paws — like a rock climber hanging from a cliff! His claws were hooked firmly in the fabric.

I grabbed him, unhooked his claws, and put him on the floor. Ann and I were stunned at his predicament.

Scooter’s mischief sometimes backfires on him.