Like a Rolling Stone in the Music Business

This article about Bob Dylan’s big break illustrates how well the music business recognizes talent.

Shaun Considine tells the saga of Bob Dylan’s Like A Rolling Stone, which was just named greatest rock ‘n’ roll song of all time by Rolling Stone magazine. He was co-ordinator of new releases at Columbia Records when song was recorded in 1965.

He says that the single was almost not released because company executives thought it was too long and because they did not like rock ‘n’ roll (It was this thinking that had led the label to turn down Elvis Presley in 1955 and the first American album by the Beatles in 1963).

Considine took the single to hot new disco in Manhattan and had it played there. A DJ at one radio station and music programmer at another heard song and rest is history.

Link: The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Contributor: The Hit We Almost Missed.