The Best Laid Plans

Yesterday at noon I had a flight to Richmond, VA (from Atlanta) to surprise my sister Joyce at her 50th birthday party. She wasn’t expecting me (Ann and I were just there at Christmas). She was having a catered party with about 40 friends expected at 7pm.

My plan was to sneak into the party through the back door and merge into the crowd. She would be so surprised when she spotted me.

I got to the Atlanta airport (via the MARTA train from North Springs, always an entertaining ride). When I checked for the gate for my flight, I saw that it was cancelled! I went to Delta ticketing and found out the 5pm flight was full (and likely to be cancelled due to the weather in Richmond — sleet). There was another flight at 8pm but that was too late.

The disappointment hit me like a brick. I was really charged up for the surprise and the party, and then I had to get back on MARTA to go home. I don’t blame Delta for cancelling this flight — the weather was really bad — but I had a hard time accepting that my plans weren’t going to work out.

Stuff happens.