Outsmarting a Cat

Scootershadow3 Once upon a time Scooter the Siamese Cat had a small problem (constipation). So we contacted the council of cat sages and were told that we should get Scooter  to eat vaseline. So Ann put some vaseline on her finger and Scooter licked it off. We were pleased.

The next day Scooter licked less of the vaseline. And the following day he barely ate any at all. The next day, he just turned his head away from the offering.

So we contacted the council of cat sages about Scooter’s reluctance to eat vaseline. We were told that we have to outsmart our cat. Put a glob of vaseline on his front leg and he will be forced to lick it off!

We were stunned at the elegance of the solution and our stupidity in not devising this obvious fix. So we put a big glob of vaseline on Scooter’s front leg and watched with great anticipation to see his response to superior human intelligence.

Almost faster than we could see, Scooter flicked his front leg and threw the glob of vaseline about four feet, splattering on the wall, leaving a big greasy spot.

(Vaseline doesn’t clean up well — the wall had a shiny spot until we repainted the room.)