Doggy Booties

We are feeding a neighbor’s two dogs and cat while they are vacation. We are to let the dogs out of the basement and into the fenced back yard while we prepare their food. Then we let them in and feed them.

We were instructed to put doggy booties on the dogs if there has been any rain — to prevent muddy feet from coming into the house. Unfortunately, last evening some rain had fallen, so we found the booties and started the undertaking.

Putting booties on the feet of lively, large dogs (80lb German Shepperd, 65lb Lab) is not easy. Fortunately, the dogs are sweet and cooperative, allowing two relative strangers to impose a significant indignity upon them with no complaints. We finally got the booties on and let them into the backyard. Every time we saw them run by, there were fewer booties on their feet. When they finally came in, there was one booty left — seven missing. So I went into the growing darkness looking for doggy booties.

In his Headlines segment, Jay Leno regularly says that no dog or cat likes having clothes forced on them. I don’t disagree. It’s still raining, and I think we’ll drop the new technology and use the old-fashioned method — drying their feet with a towel.