Environmentalists Should KISS

I’d like to invoke the old cliche: Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS).

Anyone who is pro-environment has to be disappointed with the setbacks that are occurring in the United States. Yet there are surveys that indicate that the American public wants clean air and water and fewer dangerous pollutants in our food.

I’m not going to sugar-coat the problem. The environmental message is like a John Kerry answer to a question — too long, too complicated, and boring. The Republican party understands that messages to the public have to be short, succinct, and often repeated.

So what should we do? My suggestion is to constantly deliver a simple message. For example:

Pollution causes cancer.

Mid-East oil supports terrorism.

These are broad statements, but they are generally true and can lead to solutions that help protect the environment. Repeated often and consistently, this kind of message will seep into the public consciousness and become accepted.

I’m not saying the example above is the right message. But I’m convinced that pro-environment leaders have got to deliver a KISS message soon, before our air, water, and food supply are irreparably damaged.