Howlin’ Wolf Documentary for Blues Lovers

Howlinwolf Last week I recorded The Howlin’ Wolf Story on our DVR from the Encore Drama channel. Scooter and I watched it last night – I highly recommend it to anyone who loves blues music.

Chester Burnett, aka Howlin’ Wolf, was a big man with a kind heart who made the improbable journey from picking cotton on the Delta as a boy to a blues superstar in Chicago acclaimed by the Rolling Stones and Eric Claption. Unlike many of his peers, he was a dedicated family man who managed his earnings well. His fame didn’t inflate his ego – he went back to school in his 50’s to learn to read and write.

Click on this link to hear Smokestack Lightning, one of his biggest hits.

From the web site promoting the DVD from Amazon:

The Howlin’ Wolf Story, an in-depth look at Wolf’s life and music, includes rare film footage and never-before-seen photos of Wolf stalking the stage at the 1964 American Folk Blues Festival, on the TV show "Shindig" in 1965, at the 1966 Newport Folk Festival, and in the Chicago clubs in the ’50s and ’60s. It also includes entertaining and revealing interviews with people who played with and knew Wolf in his heyday. This is the definitive documentary about the Wolf.