Listen to the Birds

I have learned to listen to the birds to tell what is going on in nature.

In 1981 Roy Stone and I were walking on a trail while backpacking in Glacier National Park when the birds went silent. The silence was very eerie. A moment later we met a two people who said that they had just seen a grizzly on the trail ahead of us. My weariness evaporated immediately and I experienced a surge of alertness – we didn’t see the grizzly but I could feel a powerful presence.

Around our home, we find that blue jays are very effective at communicating the presence of predators. (They probably listen to the chickadees.)

Source: Bird’s alarm carries info on size, threat of predator | Science Blog.

Chickadees use one of the most sophisticated signaling systems discovered among animals. The calls warn other chickadees not only if a predator is moving rapidly, but also transmit information on the degree of threat posed by stationary predators of different sizes.