Pet Health and Food

Are our pets a reflection of us?

Source: Acorn Dog Training.

Canine Health Concern (CHC) was formed to answer one simple question: "why are our pets so ill, and why do so many of them die years before their time?"

The answer is also simple. We’ve known it for years – we just forgot. In 1922, one veterinary manual stated: "The really well and wisely cared for dog (of average stamina and constitution) is so fit and hearty, so full of healthy power of resistance, as to be largely immune and proof against contagion and infection. Correct feeding, cleanliness, housing and exercise are the four vital corner stones of perfect health for dogs; the true basis of that prevention which is better than the best of cures."

In 1996, CHC conducted research among the people who had changed their dogs from processed pet food to natural food. The results gave us such hope for the future of our beloved pets. We asked two key questions: "how many times did you take your dog to the vet in the twelve months before changing to natural food?" and "how many times did you take your dog to the vet in the six months after changing to natural food?"

Dog owners reported a massive 85 per cent drop in veterinary visits. Not only were the dogs healthier, but they were costing their owners considerably less in veterinary fees. Owners reported more vitality, glossier coats, illnesses disappearing – even the fact that drugs from the vet, in some instances, were no longer required. Those who breed and show were reporting that they were winning everywhere they went – against the dogs who were still being fed processed food.

So what is this real food? We’ve forgotten how to feed a diet that Nature intended, so bombarded have we been with commercial propoganda. Think back to a dog and cat’s life in the natural environment. How would he feed himself?

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