Helping Children Avoid Pesticides in Food

Source: Dr. Mercola.

Going Organic Means Avoiding Deadly Pesticides

Not at all surprised to read that the level of common pesticides in a child’s body decreased significantly and immediately when conventional, processed foods were substituted with organics for only five days.

To study the amount of pesticides kids consume, scientists monitored urine samples from 23 Seattle children for 15 days. Over the first three days and the last seven, the young patients ate a conventional diet. The five days in between, however, organic foods replaced most of the conventional foods they ate.

The level of malathion and chlorpyrifos — the most commonly used organophosphate pesticides by farmers in this country — dropped to nondetectable levels after the young patients started eating organic foods, and stayed that way until they began eating conventional foods again.

Just more proof — if you needed any more of it — that replacing conventional processed foods, vegetables and fruits with organic diet does wonders for your health. By the way, if you still feel organic food are beyond your budget, you’ll want to read Colleen Huber’s awesome piece about how to do so, and for the same price — or less — as processed foods.

If you want to learn more about how to avoid environmental toxins, I urge you to read my popular piece about to avoid the 10 most common ones.

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