Homeland Security

I feel safer now.

Excerpts from an editorial in Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper:

Source: Anti-vegan patrol hard to swallow | ajc.com

In 2003, apparently short on terrorists to monitor, the Homeland Security division of the DeKalb Police Department dispatched an undercover detective to spy on a few vegans holding an animal cruelty protest. Police ended up arresting two who had been handing out anti-meat leaflets near a HoneyBaked Ham store.

In rounding up vegans, the county’s Homeland Security division not only looks foolish, it looks pointless. If homeland security employees have time to spy on sandal-wearing, tofu-loving vegans, then there’s apparently not a whole lot of work for them to do. They end up wasting time on petty and embarrassing arrests that can lead to federal lawsuits like the one filed Thursday by Caitlin Childs and Christopher Freeman.