Fuzzy Is Missing

Fuzzy the Himalayan cat (a cross between Persian and Siamese) lives down the street. We got to be friends about two years ago when I was riding my Trikke by his house (I ride a Trikke for exercise.) We met one day when he was hanging out by the street (we don’t have much traffic). I stopped and squatted down and talked to him. He came over cautiously and I petted him cautiously. As we got to be friends, he would hurry out to get a scratch when I came by his house.

He was a great friend after our Siamese cat Scooter died last spring. I missed Scooter terribly and really enjoyed scratching Fuzzy. He couldn’t get enough scratching and purred his pleasure loudly. I told him that Scooter was gone and that I appreciated his company.

I haven’t seen Fuzzy lately. Today as I passed his house one of his family came out and I asked him about Fuzzy. He said Fuzzy has been missing for about two weeks. It made me feel sick.

About two weeks ago we started hearing coyotes yipping behind our home in the middle of the night whenever a siren went by in the distance.

I hope Fuzzy comes home soon.