Mccartney digs out old Epiphone guitar for new album

Source: Mccartney digs out old Epiphone guitar for new album.

Sir Paul McCartney re-tuned the old Epiphone guitar he played on the Beatles’ Taxman and Paperback Writer for a new track on his latest album.

Producer Nigel Godrich insisted McCartney dig out some of his old instruments for his latest album, Chaos And Creation In The Backyard, and the rocker dusted-off one of his old favourites, even though he knew it was tough to keep the instrument in tune.

He says, "(I remembered) George (Harrison) let me have a go (on it) for the solo (on Taxman) because I had an idea – it was the early Jimi Hendrix days and I was trying to persuade George to do something… feedback-y and crazy.

"I like to play on it because it’s oldish and a bit infirm. It won’t stay in tune easily, like Jimi Hendrix’s guitar didn’t."

McCartney bought the guitar after watching Hendrix perform one night – and called out to pal Eric Clapton to help him tune his axe.

He recalls, "I went to the shop and said, ‘What have you got that feeds back great?’ That was normally a disadvantage in the old days."