DSL Trouble and Resolution

Yesterday (Monday, Oct 31) at 4pm our DSL connection died.

I reset the router without success.

I called BellSouth support and started talking to Bill.

Bill contacted his line technician and said he’d call back in 10 minutes.

Bill called back every 10 minutes for an hour.

Then we checked the router for proper settings. Bill was effective and knowledgable.

Bill said the problem was in the DSL connection and BellSouth would have a technician at our home by 7pm Tuesday (Nov 1) evening.

I told Bill that we have two businesses operating from home offices that are dependent on a reliable connection. I emphasized that being down for 24 hours was totally unacceptable and that I would switch to Concast internet if BellSouth couldn’t respond more quickly.

At 6:30pm I called Comcast and started ordering a connection kit.

At 6:45pm Ann came to my office and said DSL is on.

At 6:46pm I cancelled my order with Comcast.

This morning at 8:30am a BellSouth technician rang our door bell. We didn’t need his services since DSL was up and running.