Review of “Hendrix: Live at Woodstock” from All About Jazz

Below are excerpts of Doug Collette‘s review of the recently released DVD of Jimi’s performance at Woodstock.

Link: Hendrix: Live at Woodstock Redefined

Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock

Adorned with a banner on its glossy color front cover that reads “Definitive Collection.” this comprehensive production actually lives up to its title. Startling in both its video and audio clarity, this double-DVD is nevertheless more than just another remaster. In enlisting the aid of the original film editor and gaining the rights to an independent recordist’s shots of Jimi’s heralded performance (never before see due to official film crew lapse), the producers of this package—Janie Hendrix and John McDermott along with esteemed Warner Brothers film restoration specialist Bill Rush— provide every sight and sound to a presentation that, with positive revisionist hindsight, now is as courageous as it is striking.

Live at Woodstock, as full of color, vision and intensity as it is, may be the clearest illustration why Jimi Hendrix’s death was such a tragedy.