Sustainability + Functionality with William McDonough

William McDonough is co-author of the book Cradle To Cradle, a seminal work on economically making products re-usable.

Source: Treehugger: Sustainability Functionality with William McDonough

Some quotes from William McDonough at Construct Canada’s Round Table on Sustainability and Functionality:

“Nicholas Pevsner said that a bicycle shed is a building; a cathedral is architecture. I am not interested in efficiency or sustainability for its own sake, it is not an end in itself.”

“LEED is a checklist for people who don’t want to think…you get points for using recycled carpet made from PVC. PVC leads to dioxin and should be banned, but you get points for it.”

“Just using natural materials is not the answer- if we all wear Birkenstocks and organic cotton the world will run out of cork and fresh water”

“Climate change and the carbon problem are the issue and everything else is noise. Soon we will be toast; as more carbon gets into the ocean it will start dissolving the coral reefs and we will destroy the bottom of the food chain, and then we are jelly in the toast”

(when we do offices) “we design a life support system for people who work, not a work support system for people who don’t have a life”

“to get through this we need thought and humility, two words that you don’t often find together in architects”