Acai: Wonder Berries from Brazil

Treehugger describes the Acai berry, which is healthy and could help save the rain forests.

Link: Treehugger: Wonder Berries from Brazil

Acai berries

An Amazonian berry discovered by surfers, it reportedly has a slew of health benefits. Even Oprah calls it one of her 10 Superfoods. AÇAÍ, a Berlin-based company that saw a European market for the Brazilian tropical fruit, turns these berries into an amazing fruity drink. The drink tastes even more fantastic when you realize it is (reportedly) neutralizing all the free radicals in your body…the ones that show up with physical exhaustion, smoking, and consumption of alcohol and unhealthy food. The juice is "flash-frozen" in its native country, and bottled 100 percent natural (no preservatives, no additives) to be shipped overseas.

The Acai is also a regenerative product, and generally picked from the tropical rain forest by small, independent farmers, supporting the local economy. Select restaurants, fitness clubs, and urban centers, as well as bars—it allegedly energizes you and prevents hangovers—have already jumped on the bandwagon. For order info (EU only) click here. In the U.S., the juice can be obtained online from Sambazon, a similar (unrelated) company. ::AÇAÍ ::Sambazon