The Lazy Way to Perfect Health

Lazy man Fred Gratzon describes how and why we should be healthy. It would be much easier for me if I didn’t have to work (Fred is semi-retired and very smart — he writes books about how to be lazy).

Source: The Lazy Way to Success: The Lazy Way to Perfect Health.

I don’t trust modern medicine. And I don’t trust its principle sponsor and beneficiary – the pharmaceutical industry. The underlying approach of modern medicine is treating symptoms and I think that approach is knuckleheaded in the extreme. In most cases, the prescribed pills don’t cure anything. They merely trade one undesirable symptom for a raft of undesirable side effects. The concepts of prevention, strengthening the immune system, and nutrition are virtually ignored by the medical establishment. The closest they come to the concept of prevention is “early detection.”

If you analyze the situation, most diseases are self-inflicted, brought on through bad habits, substance abuse, poor diet, inappropriate behavior, stupid choices, and the like.

Then, of course, there is stress-related disease (which is also self-inflicted) and it has reached epidemic proportions. Folks subject themselves to ungodly levels of health-debilitating stress by slaving away at pointless jobs, in order to earn money to pay for medical care which tries to mask those job-induced symptoms with expensive drugs that cure nothing. To fuel the vicious cycle, these wage slaves work for the same corporations that unconscionably poison our air, water, soil, food, and psyche, making all of us weaker and sicker.

The real kicker is that modern medicine is the third leading cause of death in the United States, after heart disease and cancer, and that evaluation comes from the Center of Disease Control. The number of people that die from getting improper treatment from modern medicine is equivalent to two 747s filled with people crashing every three days and killing everyone on board.

So what is my health regimen?

I am a vegetarian. No meat, chicken, fish or eggs. I do eat dairy. All my food is organically grown and fresh. Most of my food is cooked although I do like a salad every now and then. Heaviest meal is lunch. That’s because the digestion is strongest at

midday. The evening meal is generally light when digestion isn’t as energetic.

I do a juice fast every Thursday and a gentle herbal laxative at the end of every month.

No smoking, alcohol, caffeine, or drugs (prescribed, non-prescribed, or recreational).

I practice yoga positions for about 10 minutes each day. I adore swimming and log about 1000 yards daily in a most luxurious way, meaning no strain or heavy breathing.

Of course, there is golf which I will play at the drop of a hat and under just about any environmental, atmospheric, or climatic condition.

I avoid work at all costs. If I am forced to work due to some rent in the space-time continuum, I immediately turn that work into play. Mercifully, those episodes are few and far between and last only a few minutes.

Above all, I love to meditate. I do Transcendental Meditation. I love the way it washes away all stress and leaves me feeling peaceful, clear, rested, and happy all day.

So the Lazy Way to Perfect Health can be summarized as follows – early to bed (before 10 PM), eat sensibly, shun poison, enjoy your exercise, meditate regularly, laugh, play some more, meditate some more, and above all, AVOID WORK. And, needless to say, stay away from doctors.