Tiger’s Short Putt Practice Tip

Here’s a putting tip from Tiger. Will he be able to do this drill when he’s 50?

Source: Official Website for Tiger Woods

Pay attention to short putts

At the Cialis Western Open this year, I decided to spend a little extra time on my putting and began using an old drill on the practice green.

I placed two tees in the ground slightly wider than my putter, on a level lie about three feet from the hole. Using six balls, I hit 12 putts with my right hand only, then six with both hands. I continued this exercise until I made 100 straight. If I missed, I started over.

I did this before and after each round and found that it really helped me on the course with my short putts. Gradually, I moved the tees back to about four feet from the hole. I continued this practice routine at my next few tournaments and missed about five putts out of 4,000, which is pretty good. It’s a great drill to keep you paying attention. You’d be surprised how sharp your focus becomes when the consequence is starting over.