Blue Mischief

Blue on Feb 7, 2006

Don’t be deceived by that pretty face.

She’s a bird watching, toe biting, toilet paper unrolling, caserole licking, jewelry hiding, fax shredding, shoulder sitting, printer inspecting, wall scratching, kitchen counter walking, table leg pole dancing, tooth brush chewing, paw dipping, wolverine imitating, hardwood floor skating, nose touching, toy retrieving, table jumping, trash can diving, squirrel tracking, floss eating, door charging, mantle climbing, leg rubbing, rug wrestling, shoe lacing pulling, shower curtain shredding, tea spilling, earbud biting, mischief making charmer.

She’s also the happiest living thing I’ve ever seen. It’s very difficult to get mad at her regardless of what she does.

P.S. Blue is almost 9 months old here. Ann took the photo on Feb 7, 2006. Blue loves fast and vigorous play with children (credit to Allie W.).