Good News from the Middle East

Good news from the Middle East is a pleasant surprise. Yet here’s an amazing transformation that occurred when intelligence overcame ignorance. If you don’t have time to read the article, watch the movie.

Link: Permaculture Research Institute of Australia ? The Dead Sea Valley Permaculture Project.

The Dead Sea Valley Permaculture Project

Commissioned in August 2000 by a Japanese aid organization to work in association with a Jordanian aid organization their first visit involved the design of a flat 10 acre, highly salted, very alkaline, piece of land in the Dead Sea Valley, 400m below sea level and just a few kilometers from the Palestinian border. The aim was to demonstrate sustainable farming practices. A plan was drawn up and accepted and arrangements were made for them to return in December during the cooler time of the year.

The local agricultural department described the land as useless for any serious production. With a soil salt level of 5,000ppm, the only available irrigation water at 4,100 ppm salt content, and a pH of 9.5, even10 in places it was considered impossible to grow figs and many other fruit trees and crops.

Here’s the movie: The Dead Sea Valley Permaculture Project documentary