Should Our Government Sell the National Forests?


The Bush administration’s FY 2007 budget request includes a proposal to sell up to 300,000 acres of National Forest land. They say they will use the revenues to for funding rural schools over the next 5 years. While funding of rural schools is necessary, this is another example of a political misdirection game that politicians use when they want to fool the citizens.

Bush bashers have been saying that the administration would start selling off public land to help reduce the budget deficit. Now it is happening. Our country is spending $150 million a day in Iraq, with no end in sight. Overspending is the problem, not lack of revenues, and selling National Forest land will not fix an unprecedented record of budgetary mismanagement.

Whether this is desperate act to raise revenues, or, another let’s destroy the credibility of government strategy, it stinks.

Here’s more info from the Wilderness Society: The President’s Billion Dollar Public Land Sell Off Scheme

Here’s the contact information. Please write or email to stop this foolish move.

USDA Forest Service
SRS Comments, Lands 4S
1400 Independence Ave., SW, Mailstop 1124
Washington, DC, 20250-0003
Fax: 202-205-1604

P.S.: Dave Pollard predicted this would happen:

…sell off large amounts of public property to private interests at a greatly accelerated rate. This second alternative fits precisely with the Norquist/neocon "weaken government until you can drown it in a bathtub" agenda. They would then be doing exactly what corporations do — treat the entire country’s public property, the Commons, as an enterprise in liquidation, as economist Herman Daly has described. Until they’re sold off to private developers, they’re ‘worth’ nothing because they generate little or no cash revenues.

So now you know why Bush is not only unworried but actually pleased with skyrocketing deficits. They give him the excuse to cut government services and programs (if you read the harsh rhetoric of his annual budget he makes no bones about the fact he sees only defense and ‘homeland security’ expenses as essential), and to sell off ‘priceless’ parks, national forests and other public lands….