Cat Surprises – May 27, 2006

Last Sunday, Sweetie (our wildcat) walked into the kitchen and dropped a big skink (lizard) in the middle of the floor. The skink couldn’t run fast on the hardwood floor. I called Ann and grabbed Sweetie. Ann picked up the skink and took it outside. Sweetie was very proud of herself. I think she believes that Ann ate the skink. This is her fifth skink catch of the year.

Blue caught a skink on Monday, breaking the monopoly that Sweetie had on catching skinks. Ann was able to get the skink from Blue and release it. The skink had lost its tail during its capture.

Our cats cannot go out. They are catching these lizards in the greenhouse or on the screened-in back porch!

Blue and Sweetie cats in greenhouse

On Wednesday, a young bird took its first flight and landed on the screen of our back porch. Unfortunately, it landed just above Blue, who took the opportunity to play Spiderman, jumping onto the vertical screen and sticking. I finally had to go outside and prod the innocent bird to take its second flight, because Blue was getting crazy.

This morning when I got up I heard running water downstairs. I ran downstairs to see our kitchen faucet on — full blast. Ann said she heard it at 3am but thought it was the dish washer. Our kitchen faucet is controlled by a push/pull lever. The window above the kitchen sink was open about 8 inches. Blue and Mist like to lie in that window. I’m glad the kitchen sink drains well.