Health and Wealth

Lazy Way advocate Fred Gratzon takes a hard look at our health care system. These kind of wake-up messages can be helpful if heeded. Excerpts below.

Source: The Lazy Way to Success: The Greatest Wealth

Health is the greatest wealth. Money, yachts, private jets, fancy cars, vacation homes, and cashmere socks are fairly worthless if you are too sick to enjoy any of them. But health is all too frequently sacrificed in pursuit of material success.

Our health care system, which is really a disease care system, is controlled by drug companies whose approach to health is to sell wares that attack and/or mask symptoms while giving us a raft of undesirable side effects. These drugs cure nothing. But most horrific of all, these pharmaceutical companies have turned our nation’s doctors into pill salesmen and our medical schools into product training seminars.

The three concepts you won’t find taught in today’s pharmaceutically-sponsored medical schools are prevention, nutrition, and strengthening the immune system. On the other hand, what you will find is this pill and this pill and this pill and this pill and this pill.