John Spoofs Again with New Focus

Apparently when it’s too hot to be in the fields, the progressive farmer writes articles.

Link: The Spoof – Scientists Discover Gene That Causes Fundamentalism and Homosexuality.

Bonn, Germany – “We never saw that one coming,” said Dr. Fenton Weirdbank, head of research at the Bonn International Center for Genetic Research.

"For years we have thought there might be a genetic predisposition for homosexuality on one of the genes that gets activated at puberty. We have been attempting to isolate the expression of that gene.

Little did we suspect that the same gene is also responsible for fundamentalist thinking. But when we went through the sequence step by step we saw it. The only difference between a person becoming gay or a fundamentalist is that when the gene gets expressed, the helix in the DNA becomes straighter and more rigid in the fundamentalist."

"It looks …