John Spoofs Again with New Focus

Apparently when it’s too hot to be in the fields, the progressive farmer writes articles.

Link: The Spoof – Scientists Discover Gene That Causes Fundamentalism and Homosexuality.

Bonn, Germany – “We never saw that one coming,” said Dr. Fenton Weirdbank, head of research at the Bonn International Center for Genetic Research.

"For years we have thought there might be a genetic predisposition for homosexuality on one of the genes that gets activated at puberty. We have been attempting to isolate the expression of that gene.

Little did we suspect that the same gene is also responsible for fundamentalist thinking. But when we went through the sequence step by step we saw it. The only difference between a person becoming gay or a fundamentalist is that when the gene gets expressed, the helix in the DNA becomes straighter and more rigid in the fundamentalist."

"It looks …

John Spoofs Again

John is a productive Spoofer. And there’s always an important message underneath!

Link: The Spoof – Horizon Dairy "Stumped" by Cow Protest

Denver, CO – Horizon Dairy, a subsidiary of Dean Foods, announced today that they were stumped by the behavior of many of their dairy cows. The cows, which are usually kept in “Organic Feed-Lots” broke out of their confinement and romped in nearby grass fields. They were sporting over-sized T-shirts that read “Tell Horizon We Want Fresh Grass, Not Organic Bull.”

Nick Nolte Interview

Below are excerpts from a very interesting (and somewhat surprising) interview with Nick Nolte. Nick plays "Socrates," the spiritual mentor in the film rendition of Dan Millman’s book, Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

I attended a Peaceful Warrior seminar with Dan in 1988 and found him to be an impressive individual. I hope the movie does well — Dan’s message is timely in these non-peaceful times.

Link: Nick Nolte Interview–Peaceful Warrior —

How do you distance yourself from the craziness outside and the craziness in your head?

You have to learn some techniques. First of all, you’ve got to be able to observe what your mind’s doing and not get into identification with every thought. Then you begin to see how scrappy the mind is. It will just come up with one thought after another, after another, after another, after another, forever and ever and ever and ever and ever. And I don’t believe that you can kill the mind, or go into the cave and de-brain yourself. I think you have to observe yourself. You have to find a way to see inside, and then it’s a matter of meditation, and then it’s a matter of either asking the right questions, or finding the right answers. We ask questions of ourselves to which there are no answers.

You’re into healthy eating—has that affected your spiritual journey?

Oh, absolutely there’s a relationship, a real symbiotic relationship with plants. I don’t think we recognize it, but we’re in a symbiotic relationship with every plant there is. I’ve always had my own garden that I eat from. It’s a much more intimate relationship to your food. And you can eat raw, or you can cook, but to go to the garden, to pick the spinach, to pick the peas… Kohlrabi has been my favorite for the last four or five years. It’s a Middle Eastern vegetable, and it grows above the ground in a ball, and it tastes a little bit like cabbage, a little bit like broccoli, but very faint traces of it, and it’s very crispy, very juicy, and you kind of want them very tender. You can cook them or put them raw into the salad. And it’s not like watercress. It’s as crunchy as that, but it has this wonderful, mild flavor that just cuts through. And then there’s Mexican squash that grows as a kind of a heart shape, and it grows off of vines.

Do you think that Hollywood will only be as spiritually bold as their box office?

That’s all they’re bold at. I’m sorry to say, but it’s just a fact of life. Somehow these men have been able to divorce themselves from what is good for the society and what makes money. When I see 70-year-old men, who aren’t far from my age, and I have known them for 40 years, sitting at "Godzilla," trying to pretend they really dig this thing, it’s pretty sad. I think it’s rather a sloppy business because it truly ignores a vast audience that is out there that would go to the theater—but not in the first week, not in the second, maybe the third week they might go to the theater. They have obligations in the adult world, but they might enjoy going to the theater if they got something that fed back cathartically into their lives.

John the Spoofer strikes again

John Langlois gets published again on the The Spoof website. Foggy Bottom Farms must be a good place for creative thought.

For several years the U.S. Department of Agriculture has been promoting a program called NAIS, the National Animal Identification System. The program has as its centerpiece the insertion of a RFID chip into every animal located on a farm, moving between farms or that have ever seen a farm on a trip to any part of America….

Link: The Spoof – NAIS Moves from Cows to Illegal Aliens

Never Drink Downstream From …

Native Americans (aka "Indians") supposedly had a saying: Never drink downstream from a white man.

Why would they say that?

Link: Atlanta Journal Constitution |

The Chattahoochee River is Georgia’s most heavily used waterway. It supplies 70 percent of metro Atlanta’s drinking water, or 300 million gallons per day.

Metro Atlanta’s sewage treatment plants legally discharge more than 250 million gallons of treated wastewater into the Chattahoochee daily. In addition, storm runoff and leaking, broken and overflowing sewers add millions of gallons of polluted water to the river when it rains.