John Mayer’s new album Continuum includes ‘Bold As Love’

Scott Mervis at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette interviews John Mayer about this new album.Excerpts below.

Mayer covers a Hendrix song on this release.

Link: Music Preview: John Mayer takes strides with new record.

He also shows off his blues guitar prowess with a cover of Jimi Hendrix’s "Bold As Love."

A bold step for a young pop musician like Mayer?

"I’m in my third record," he says. "No one thinks I’m covering a song because I can’t write one more. Even if I don’t have what it takes, which I probably don’t, to cover a Jimi Hendrix song, I have at least proven myself to be true to the art and true to the message and true to the spirit. And I’m also coming at it as a singer-songwriter, because I believe Hendrix was a brilliant singer-songwriter and I’m defending that memory with ‘Bold As Love.’ And defending music as music. There are no musical hallowed grounds if you walk into them pure of heart."