What If Global Warming is not a Normal Cycle

Jeff Matthews describes the change in viewpoint about global warming by the Wall Street Journal.

Link: Jeff Matthews Is Not Making This Up

The newspaper in question which has reported such disquieting facts regarding global warming is none other than the Wall Street Journal.

And whatever the Journal’s editors think about the cause and effect of global warming, the central problem with the entire scientific debate over cause and effect is, in my view, as follows.

If the greens are wrong, and if global warming is no more than a temporary and self-correcting blip well within the bounds of statistical fluctuations, and if we spend zillions of dollars attempting to mitigate and reverse a normal self-correcting blip in the weather, well, we’ve spent a bunch of money unnecessarily and crimped the lifestyles of a lot of real estate developers and land speculators, to boot.

But if the browns are wrong, and if global warming is in fact the product of more than 600 million motor vehicles screwing up the works, and yet we do nothing about it now, then our grandchildren will be dealing with issues of unfathomable catastrophe—literally, the end of the world as we now know it.

So I sure hope the browns are right, although after reading my Wall Street Journal about shrinking ice caps and dying polar bears and retreating glaciers and happy Greenland farmers, I wouldn’t bet on it myself.

It’s a bet nobody, even the editors of the Wall Street Journal, can afford to lose.