Emmanuel’s Dream – Disability Does Not Mean Inability

Emmanuel Osofu Yeboah has faced a lot of obstacles in his life. With persistance and some helping hands he has had an amazing journey.

Link: Emmanuel’s Dream – Disability Does Not Mean Inability

On May 5th, 1977, in Ghana, West Africa, Emmanuel Osofu Yeboah was both born – and abandoned. Upon discovering Emmanuel had a severely deformed right leg, Dickson Kwadjo Ofosu, disgraced by his son’s disability, walked out on his family. Emmanuel’s mother, Comfort Yeboah, was advised to kill her son. But rather than surrender to society’s perception that disabled children are the result of a family curse, or a punishment from a deity for a parent’s past transgressions, Comfort neither killed Emmanuel, nor sent him to the streets to beg, as expected. Instead, she enrolled him in school and taught him to believe that he deserved the same treatment, opportunities and privileges as able-bodied Ghanaians.

…on July 14, 2005 Oprah Winfrey presented Emmanuel and his friend, Jim MacLaren with the prestigious Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPY’s. The two men received an emotional, five-minute standing ovation. Previous winners include Muhammad Ali, Jim Valvano, and Billie Jean King.